NEC G577 DECT Handset

NEC G577 DECT Handset

NEC G277 DECT Handset Second Chance

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The DECT handset G277 is an entry level professional mobile handset providing a range of mobile unified communication features, plug and play installation, charger compatibility and more for effective operation in various businesses.
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NEC DECT Handset G277 key specifications:

  • Appealing design, lightweight and slimline
  • Bright 1.8-inch colour display
  • Rugged belt clip
  • Central Directory access and presence
  • Loudspeaker and handsfree mode
  • Simple plug-and-play with MicroSD
  • Intuitive user interface with colour display and icon-based menus
  • Many call control features seamlessly integrated with the PBX
  • Valuable unified communications, including central directory and presence
  • Single or dual charger allowing additional battery to be charged; compatible with previous generation chargers
  • Very long battery life and standby time
  • USB-C interface for headset
  • Headset and built-in trembler
  • MicroSD card for easy subscription and replacing handset
  • High-definition audio

What's in the box

  • NEC DECT Handset G277
  • Setup guide
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Manufacturer NEC
SKU EU917116_TK
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